Monday, March 11, 2019


Excerpts from the Intent of the Father 
and the Associate Constitution

With desire I have desired to give my Spirit to the world and to communicate it to my creatures endowed with reason, in order to live with them and in them until the end of the world.

So that my creatures, then, might keep in mind the never ending love with which I have loved them, it has been my good pleasure to choose to make of you a living memorial (“viva memoria”), for all the people of the world.   (So that) His works are always alive before me. (To) continue the mission of the Redeemer and so guide the world towards that which is the end and fulfillment of the world:  becoming a new heaven and a new earth where God will be all in all. 

Consequently, stamp on your spirit the features of his life and be on earth living and inspired portraits of my beloved Son.  You will carry Him about as the Life of your heart, as the Goal of your existence and as the Master of your spirit.

What phrase or sentence touched your heart?

Painting by Briton Riviere:   The Temptation of Jesus in the Desert

Today’s Gospel was the Temptation in the desert.

What do you see in this picture?
Area looks desolate – no vegetation  ~ Spring brings new life.
Lent means Spring, as in the lengthening of days.  This year Easter is so late that it truly will be light and bright on the day of resurrection.

Is this twilight between sunrise or sunset?
Red sky at night sailor’s delight.  Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning.
‘Stars’ ~ Venus above his head and Jupiter by his shoulder
This past February, Venus and Jupiter rose before the sun each clear morning in this configuration, so this could well be a winter scene.

Vulture symbolizes:  purification / insight to choose your path  / Death or doom  (vulture’s heads are bald to keep them clean while eating carrion and they urinate on their feet to sanitize them from bacteria in the carrion.

On what is Jesus sitting?     It looks like a throne.   Devil tempts him with worldly power.  But, as Blessed Celeste says, ‘Christ reigns from the Throne of the Cross.’

What is Jesus thinking?  

This Lent, how can I strive to live more fully
the love of Christ in my life?