Sunday, September 11, 2011

Commitment Sunday


Being here                   
for the commitment    
as an Associate           
of the Order
of the Most Holy Redeemer           
brings with it                 
gratitude for             
the many years         
we have been here   
in this Chapel      

Much has happened     
during these years    
but what has not changed
is our striving          
to grow                    
in our own spirituality   
guided by
the Redemptoristine Nuns   

Changes will come     
during the coming year;  
but may our faithfulness
to our commitment   
and our community    
continue and grow
as it has until now 

Elizabeth Jeszeck 9-11-2011


Sr. Moira Quinn OSsR December 2000

We remember that day
ten years past                 

An ordinadry day
greeting family,
going to work.

They were called upon
to display
in spite of their fear
to help the fallen,
to fight to live.

In the space of an hour
lives were changed forever.
Calling their families,
sending love and goodbye
by cell phone.

They met God together
That day—
The Three Thousand
in two towers.

We remember that day

Elizabeth Jeszeck 9-11-2011

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  1. Beautiful poems. I like the commitment to faith and growth amid the changes.