Sunday, June 24, 2012


Reading:   Jesus went with his disciples to the villages and on the way he asked them, ‘Who do the people say that I am?’  And they answered him, ‘Some say John the Baptist and others Elijah and still others one of the prophets.’  Jesus asked them, ‘But you, who do you say that I am?’  Mk 8:27-29
Who do YOU say Jesus is?

Who do you say God is?

That is the eternal question we all ask ourselves. How can we truly know who is God.  It is a mystery, an unfolding revelation that we will never completely know or understand.

So, WHO DO we say Jesus/God is? We can only use symbols, images, words, actions, experiences to suggest the presence of a Being which is beyond our ken.

In Hebrew scriptures God has names such as Creator, Warrior, Rock, Nursing Mother. Jesus is called Shepherd, Servant, Friend.    Today we find ourselves between the feasts of John the Baptist and Our Mother of Perpetual Help. Both point to Jesus – John says, ‘Behold, the Lamb of God.’  Mary says with her eyes, ‘Behold my Son.’   Celeste calls him the Sun, the Wayfarer, Our Savior.  There are so many beautiful images we could use to describe God.  How do you envision God? 

GOD CALLS US through our senses.  And the words we use to describe what we experience are decidedly unearthly.  We say the smell of coffee or the taste of chocolate is heavenly, the sight of a sunset glorious, certain music enraptures us, the embrace of lovers moves them to ecstasy.  How does God speak to you?

Artists down through the ages have painted with their brushed ICONS, such as OLPH, as WINDOWS that we may glimpse the unseen God.  Poets have flourished their pens to give WORDS to the ineffable name of God. We may not be artists or poets but our lives as Redemptoristines bespeak the name of God, the name of Jesus.  Our life is a WINDOW, our life is the WORD that tells the world WHO we say Jesus/God is.  Be a WINDOW, be the WORD, proclaim the name of God.

As woman called to know, love and incarnate God as Redemptoristines and Associates in the Church and for the world, let us renew our vows on this 25th of the month.

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