Monday, September 24, 2012


Here we are in the early days of autumn. Soon the leaves will begin to change color and leaves will float gently to the ground and decompose back into the earth to replenish the soil for new life to take root. 

In remembering the Incarnation today and remembering our call to follow the Redeemer we harken back to what Ven. Maria Celeste called the ‘gospel seeds’ that were planted in our hearts: seeds that took root and grew into tender green shoots that became tall and strong over the years in the light of Christ.  And now, basking in the Son’s rays, we trust in the journey thus far and gather our collective wisdom and insight and mulch them into ground of our beings and water them with hope in preparation for whatever the future holds for us.

We live our Redemptoristine spirituality full of hope because ‘Hope is the power of Jesus Risen in us.  (C&S 135)  What that future will look like we don’t know.  But new life is hiding!  Perhaps what we do with our lives will plant new gospel seeds somewhere else that will take root and grow. In order to generate new life new planting may be called for: new planting in the salvation history of the people of God, new planting in the culture and the times in which we live, new planting of the contemplative spirit within us calling us to ‘be a visible witness and a living memorial of the Paschal Mystery of Redemption in which the Father has accomplished His plan of love through Christ and in the spirit.’ (C&S1)

Jesus promised Celeste, therefore us, that when we ‘leave everything in his hands all things will fall into place for the best purpose!  (So) with faith, believe in him; with hope, keep your every good secure; and love only him, as the Lord of your heart and as the Life in which you live!’ (Florilegium 101)

Throughout the seasons, throughout our life, we have offered to the Holy Redeemer our life of praise and intercession by faith in the living Christ in response to the love God has bestowed on us through the Son.  May the ‘Consoling Spirit who gathers us together help us live in unity’ (C&S 2) and continue to grow into the fullness of life in our changing times. 

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