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On All Hallow’s Eve, we celebrate the birth of our foundress, Ven. Maria Celeste, in 1696 in the Kingdom of Naples.  She was the tenth of twelve children born to Giuseppe and Baptista Crostarosa.  They baptized her Julia Marcella Santa on next day on the Feast of All Saints.

Let us with joy our voices raise
In that heroic woman’s praise,
Whose courage, strength and holy fame
Have given her an honored name.
O blest Celeste, with single gaze
Did live her life with joy and praise;
In liberty of mind and heart
Was Spirit guided from the start.
This woman was transformed by grace
And prayed the world God’s Love embrace;
That in our turn we may be one
With our Redeemer, God’s own Son.
Text:Silvio Antoniano 1540-1630
Stanzas 2, 3 Moira Quinn OSsR
Tune: Eisenach LM     Schein     

Reading        Peter 1:3-6

Praise be the Father of our Savior Jesus Christ, who with great mercy gave us new birth: a birth into hope, which draws its life from the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead; a birth to an imperishable inheritance incapable of fading or defilement, which is kept in heaven for you who are guarded with God’s power through faith; a birth to a salvation which stands ready to be revealed in the last days.


Jesus spoke often to Celeste’s heart.  Let us open our hearts that we may say:
Make us an echo of your willing.
I carry you as an infant in my womb.
May we know the depth of love God has for each one of us.
Make us an echo of your willing.
You shall possess my joy by your participation in my love.
May we be faithful witnesses to our Redeemer’s love for all humankind.
Make us an echo of your willing.
I put my heart into your breast so that your life may be devoted to my concerns.
May we be ever mindful of all those who are suffering or in need.
Make us an echo of your willing.
From the cross I obtained for souls the grace of transformation of their being into mine.
May we be a Living Memory of the Paschal Mystery for the life of the world.
Make us an echo of your willing.
My heart is a place where my love offers her a shelter in her weariness.
May we always abide in the peace of Christ and welcome others to share our life.
Make us an echo of your willing.

Loving God, source of all life, as we celebrate with joy the memory of Ven. Maria Celeste’s birth this day, may we follow the example of her holy life and by her prayers live in fidelity to our calling.  We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son who lives and reigns with you in the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.  Amen.

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