Monday, February 25, 2013


Even now I find my joy in the suffering I endure for you.  In my own body I fill up what is lacking in the suffering of Jesus, for the sake of Christ’s body, the church.  I became its servant according to God’s commission to make the Word fully known, the mystery that has been hidden throughout the ages but has now been revealed to his holy ones: to make known the priceless glory which this mystery brings – the mystery of Christ in you, the hope of glory; to make everyone complete in our Savior.    See Col. 1: 24-28

Art by Moira
Today we celebrate the Incarnation in the midst of Lent. What do we know of Jesus in the flesh?

Jesus lived simply by the work of his hands: working with wood, carrying nothing for the journey as he walked throughout the land spreading the Good News while relying on the generosity of others, reaching out to those in need of healing, breaking bread to feed the hungry…

Jesus listened intently to the guiding voice of his parents, Mary and Joseph, the Voice from heaven saying, “You are my Beloved,” heeding the poor in the marketplace, conversing with the Father in prayer under the star-filled sky, responding to the distress of women, being astounded by the faith of outsiders…

Jesus loved freely gathering the children into his arms, cleansing the Temple, yearning to gather together the people under his wings like a mother protecting her brood, sharing the cup and bread of his Life with his disciples, on the ground praying in the Garden, stretching his arms out on the cross, lifting his hands in blessing while being carried up into heaven…

How are we as Redemptoristines, Associates and the people of God to enflesh Jesus?    

We are to live simply doing the work given us which provides a balance to our life of prayer, we are to distinguish our needs from our wants as we prepare for our move, humbly accepting the help of others, sharing with those in need…

We are to listen intently to the insight of each sister with an open and patience heart not being quick to judge or find flaw as we glean the collective wisdom of the community during this time of transition.

We are to love freely looking to one another’s needs, speaking the truth respectfully, praying and opening our hearts to the transforming power of the Spirit enabling us to put aside the self in order to clothe ourselves in Christ as we live out in ourselves the Paschal Mystery and coming together rejoicing in harmony with one another. 
All these grace-filled qualities are spelled out in our Constitutions, Celeste’s writings, the Gospels.  Lent is a time for rekindling the fire in our hearts to a deeper living of our call to be transformed into the Living Memory of Christ.  By using our gifts and strengths, and offering our losses and weaknesses, we give over our complete selves to the mystery of the work of salvation for the life of the world – just as Jesus did while he was in the flesh.

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