Tuesday, November 25, 2014


For thy gracious blessings we give thanks, O Lord,
For thy loving kindness, we give thanks, O Lord.

Celeste said, ‘I live, now not I, but Christ lives in me’ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.
Beloved daughter, remember what the divine Word, God-Man, said, namely that He would be with you to the end of the world because He would be the food and nourishment of human beings, indeed He would be their life in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist.
In this instance My mercy has not been able to go further in giving, because no greater gift can be given. At this point hold yourself still in admiration as you contemplate the countless good things you have received.
Christ instituted this Sacrament immediately before His Passion at the cost of His Blood poured out for the benefit of all. For them He would thus become their drink, their nourishment, their life and substance.
Behold then where the salvation of the just lies, behold the source where they receive all the lights and knowledge of the eternal truths. There they are filled to full measure and overflowing from the torrent of love where they become immersed in God and made able to produce the most abundant fruits of every virtue, especially love for the neighbor, because this Sacrament is love.
There they receive the Holy Spirit with all His gifts because they are transformed into God by My beloved Son. You see now, Daughter, what dignity this sacrament gives you, and how My great Mercy is without bounds: there has been no restraint in My giving. Hence your whole life should be a continual preparation for and thanksgiving for My Mercy.                                          74. Spiritual Exercises for December, med. 18

Thanksgiving is all about food.  What we put in our mouths says a lot about us.  What comes out of our mouths says even more.  As Superioress in Foggia, Celeste would share almost daily her ‘ferverinos’ with her community for their growth and edification the inspirations she received from her Beloved.  Most of her mystical inspirations came either in the presence of, or after the reception of Holy Communion – during the time of thanksgiving.  As you all know, the word Eucharist in Greek means thanksgiving.  In one way or another, her writings were all about thanksgiving. Her ‘ferverinos’ were like mobius strips – a circle never ending, continually flowing in and out of itself: it goes around and around, always coming back to trust and thanksgiving for God’s mercy and love.   Like Celeste, we are to make of our whole life a
Drawing Sr. M. Linda Magbiro, OSsR '12
sacrifice of praise to the glory of the Father by responding the only way we can for all the ‘torrent of love and mercy’ God has dignified us in being nourished by the sacrifice of His Beloved Son by being transformed into a never ending Communion of Thanks and becoming ourselves Living Eucharist for the world.

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