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Numbering one to five: which is your favorite?
Which is your least?

Some quotes to inspire:

“The soul craves beauty.” Thomas Moore, The Care of the Soul
“Beauty is a gift of the Spirit that nourishes and heals our souls, for ultimately, Beauty is but another name for God.” Sr. Melannie Svoboda, SND

“Each day in our world Beauty is born anew, it rises transformed through the storms of history.”  Pope Francis

“An authentic faith always involves a deep desire to change the world, to leave the earth somehow better than we found it.”  Pope Francis

“Be creative in order to achieve peace.”  Pope Francis

“Beauty will save the world.”  Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Idiot

These shapes help bring awareness to our inner live.
Shapes numbered 1, 3, and 5 are important to you.

The Five Universal Shapes
The Circle Symbolizes  ~ Wholeness, Unity, Self-awareness (Michaelangelo – drawing of man in circle/square)  The Divine
·    In their search for wholeness they desire room in which to find themselves, and develop their own identity.
In Relationships 
·       These people will feel loved and trusted when allowed plenty of space.
Underlying Fear 
·       Being caught in a situation that will restrict or restrain them
In the Extreme 
·       Narcissistic.

The Square Symbolizes  ~ Stability and Security  (Traditional)  Humanity
·       A foundation. Building blocks or fence. 
In Relationships 
·       Loyal.   Values integrity and authenticity, as well as responsibility and accountability.   People do what they say.
Underlying Fear 
·       Nothing will be accomplished
In the Extreme 
·       Controlling and impatient.

The Triangle Symbolizes  ~  Dreams and Goals
(point up - male / point down - female //  mountain  // 3 perfect number)   Trinity
·       Self-discovery and following their dreams.
In Relationships 
·       Need to feel support in the goals they pursue.
Underlying Fear 
·       That there will be no dreams to pursue
In the Extreme 
·       So absorbed in their dreams that they accomplish nothing in the present.

The Cross Symbolizes  ~ Relationships, Integration 
(Martha and Mary//spiritual and mundane // past, present, future)
·       Balance and the need for connection – to a creative project, to a group, to another person, or to oneself.
In Relationships 
·       Quality, not quantity. They love collaborative work
Underlying Fear 
·       Loss, abandonment, and isolation
In the Extreme 
·       Personal identity can be lost if they try to live life through another person.

The Spiral Symbolizes  ~  Growth, Evolution. 
(Native American – square shaped // shells // labyrinth //ocean waves // fingerprints)
·       Come to the same point but at a different level.  New perspective. Need for variety, novelty and change. They are capable of multiply tasking. 
In Relationships 
·       Flexibility
Underlying Fear 
·       Suppression of creativity, routine
In the Extreme 
·       Superficial exploration of many things at once to escape boredom.
Inside to out – introvert  /  Outside to in – extravert
clockwise – looking to the future / counterclockwise – looking to the past

The Meaning of the Positions
The order in which you ranked them, in terms of appeal to you

Position 1 ~  Where you THINK you are, the process that now has your attention,  you are on a restless journey to…seeking where you would like to be.

Position 2 ~ Your strengths and gifts; where you are currently fluid, and resourceful. This shape reveals the innate talents you are using to assist the growth occurring in Position 3.

Position 3 ~ Where you really are.  It is the most significant as the deepest desire of your heart. Very often this process is unconscious or overlooked, yet you must be aware of it in order to fully manifest the potential it represents. It indicates where your own gifts can be used correctly now. The shape in this position can be a source of unlimited creativity and healing when you support the process it signifies. Once you start paying attention, you may find this shape all around you, where you had not noticed it before.

Position 4 ~ Your motivation. The wound which motivates Position 3 points to past challenges, tests, and circumstances that have motivated your current process of change.    It describes situations that have been resolved or moved beyond.

Position 5 ~ Unresolved issues you wish to put aside for now, or have outgrown or one that you dislike, still resist. This is old, unfinished business that at a later date you will reclaim and integrate.
“Signs of Life, The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them” 
Angeles Arrien (1992)

Outline your palm on a sheet of paper.
Now decorate you palm with your shapes 1, 3 and 5.
Pray for awareness and wisdom
for yourself and the people in your life.

The Meaning of Colors

RED ~  Blood, life, love, passion, energy, anger, courage
PINK ~ Romance, joy

ORANGE ~ The color of the sun, playful, warmth, growth, friendship

YELLOW ~ Clarity, intelligence, memory, happiness, wholesome, honor
GOLD ~ power

GREEN ~ Renewal, health, bounty, hope, faith, peace

BLUE ~ Dreams, imagination, inspiration, creativity, calm

PURPLE ~ Secret, depths of the soul, emotions, royal, justice, faith

WHITE ~  Purity, cleansing, healing, safety 

BLACK ~ Mystery, elegance, fear, unknown, death, grief

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