Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Days are getting shorter.  Nights darker.  The land is parched.  We pray for rain. Every year this happens, yet we always seem surprised, and a little put out.

Let us not forget the wonder of the stars of night and the Creator who made them, and us.

Cosmos ~ detail  Moira '12 
When we were young we used to wish on stars, those millions of specks of hope ‘up above the world so high.’   What do we wish for now?  Eyes open to see the specks of hope all around us.  The contemplative eye and heart that see through the darkness and glimpses the light of our life, Jesus our Redeemer, ahead of us guiding the way.

We follow trusting in the bath of rebirth when the Holy Spirit will rain down on the parched land of our souls life-giving graces of mercy, peace and joy.  With millions of those droplets of rain we are transformed and grow into the likeness of Jesus and carry on the redemptive work of Christ in the world today. 

Whether the night be dark or the land parched; a tiny dot in the sky or a seed buried beneath the ground, beauty and richness is already present: hope is there ready to rise and shine.

So let us wish on that star, Jesus, and ask for the graces-abundant rain that we may be specks of hope for the world.

As followers of the Redeemer, let us renew our vows.

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