Saturday, November 25, 2017


We celebrate Little Christmas each month in honor of the Incarnation.  This month it comes between the feasts of Thanksgiving and Christ the King.

Bl. Celeste says, "O God, my Lover, I give you infinite thanks because You deigned to speak to my heart with these most sweet words so full of goodness, that is: 
'To you I will give the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven,' meaning that You have given me the Keys of Your Divine Love since You gave me Your Divine Son so that Jesus might live His life in my heart and that I might live in Your Divine Heart… What kind of thanks can I give You, only Lover of my heart?!"

Then Celeste says, "In the second coming, it shall
become evident how God became Man when His glory and majesty and all His divine actions shall be revealed like the Burning Rays of the Sun since they were performed in a most excellent way by Christ-the-Wayfarer in that infinite love, humility and patience with which He brought about your salvation by His most holy death."

As followers of Wayfarer, the Incarnate Jesus does not promise us a life of leisure but rather a life of love.  Our lives have its ups and downs: our circumstances, our church, our world, all of creation seem to be in constant upheaval.   This causes our hearts to be troubled at times.  As Redemptoristines we called to live our lives with deep faith and hope, humility and patience.  We are called to bask in the burning Rays of the Sun ‘in a climate of intimacy with the Lord and of silent intercession for the salvation of the world,’ and to allow the Divine Heart of Love to live and manifest Itself in our hearts all the days of our lives.

 In thanksgiving we renew our vows to the Lover of our hearts.

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