Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Polished Worry Stone

Rubbed Smooth
by Faith and Prayer

Glories in the Cross
                                                                     Moira 2013

Very early on the first day of the week, when the sun had just risen, the women went to the tomb.  They had been saying to one another, “Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?”  
When they looked up they saw that the stone, which was very large, had already been rolled away.  Mk 16:2-4

Hear the worry in the women’s voices?  They say rubbing a worry stone calms the soul.  We all have our share of worries:  Hilda away from community caring for her aging parents, Paz with her sister awaiting brain surgery; the community searching to find a place to call our permanent home, sorting through real or imagined treasures of what to bring along and what to leave behind; the actual move; how we will function as Redemptoristines and Associates in the future…   How do we handle these worries? 

If we look to our foundress, we see that despite all the blessings bestowed on Celeste throughout her life, she had her worries also.  But reflecting on the life of her Beloved in faith and prayer she wrote, “In your humiliations all the sweetnesses of your infinite glory are hidden.   How can I ever thank you for these marvelous humiliations while you invite me to keep you company
(on the cross) and you in your mercy deign to gaze on me with your divine light.”   
Flor. 117

And Jesus answers, “Give your attention to the treasure which I disclosed to you on the cross in which my eternal glory is enclosed.” Flor. 123   

What is this treasure?  All our trials, humiliations, our frailties, our challenges; all our mundane tasks are hidden treasures.   By our own faith and prayer during this time of transition together we experience transformation of being rubbed smooth when we unite ourselves to Jesus on the cross and discover the graces and gifts, the wisdom and accomplishments in sweet acceptance of those hidden graces of the cross in order to obtain the glories of Jesus, our Beloved.  The stone has already been rolled away!

Let us polish our worry stones (rosary, or even a paper clip in your pocket) then, basking calmly in the merciful gaze of Christ’s divine light as we begin this Lenten season.             
Ash Wednesday 2013

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  1. I love the symbolic of polshing and the tangible object to go with it--oh, that it would only take 40 days! Amen!